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Add Medicare to Your Current Agency

          Many of our current agents began by selling P&C insurance, and already have a sizable book of business.  Each year they have clients turn 65 and ask about Medicare and would have to either turn the business away along with the income that they could have made if they had just known what was available and contracted with the available carriers in the area.  Each year between Oct 15th-Dec 7th (Annual Enrollment Period) they would get 1-2 calls every day asking about Medicare, and ended up turning their clients away to someone else or just simply told them that they didn't offer any health insurance.

          If you already have a book of business in which people are turning 65 every month, you are simply sitting on a gold mine.  It is extremely simple to add Medicare to what you are already offering.  While you are able to strengthen your current relationship with clients by helping them with another portion of their insurance needs, you are also able to add a good amount of monthly residual income.  One of the nicest things about the Medicare insurance business is that the servicing needs are very minimal.  Once people chose a plan and sign up they are only able to change plans during Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).  There are some special circumstance in which they might need help, such as if they move our of their plan area, however the servicing is very small in comparison to a P&C type agency.  

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