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What options do you have with Medicare?



Original Medicare

Original Medicare includes part A and part B.  Part A covers hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, hospice, home health services, and in some situations nursing home care. Part B covers medically necessary services such as doctor visits, surgeries, tests, and any other medically necessary services to treat a disease or condition.  It also includes supplies such as walkers, and wheelchairs.  Most preventative services are also covered.  Original Medicare has no max out of pocket expense, which means you will continue to pay your co-insurance as long as you are using services paid by Medicare.  For this reason many people choose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, which by law has a max out of pocket that caps the amount you have to spend each year no matter how big the medical surprise.


Medicare Advantage Plans

A Medicare Advantage plan is a plan offered by a private company that has a contract with Medicare to provide your health care insurance.  Medicare Advantage plans cover part A (hospital), part B (Medical), and part D (prescription drugs).  It gives you all your coverage with one convenient plan.  Several of these plans come with extra benefits such as free gym membership, vision, hearing aids, and some have preventative dental services.  Many Medicare beneficiaries are drawn to these plans because of the low monthly premium: in fact some plans have no monthly premium.  This is one of the products we will discuss in detail in our free Medicare consultation. Please call or email for more information, and to schedule a free consultation.


Medicare Supplements Insurance

Medicare supplement plans in Utah help to supplement Original Medicare.  These plans are standardized by Medicare and are labeled with a letter A-N.  Because they are standardized, plan F with one company has the same benefits as plan F with another company.  The differences between the plans are the company name, customer service, and the premium they charge.  The advantages to a supplement plan are that there is no network of doctors or hospitals.  So as long as your provider accepts Medicare they will accept your Medicare Supplement Plan.  They have a set monthly premium (typically higher than Medicare Advantage), but it eliminates the unexpected surprises that arise with other plan types.  Medicare supplement plans do not include Medicare part D for prescription drugs, so that would have to be purchased separately.  Please call or email for more information, and to schedule a free consultation.

Prescription Drug Plans (Medicare Part D)

Individuals are eligible for prescription drug coverage under part D plan if they are entitled to benefits under Medicare part A and are enrolled in part B.  There are two types of private plans that you can enroll in.  The first is a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan also called PDP that works in conjunction with a Medicare Supplement Plan.  The second is to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes prescription drug coverage also called a MA-PD.  For further details and to learn what will work best for your personal coverage and situation, please call or email to schedule a free consultation.

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