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Commissions and Contracts

          Many agencies will have you join them as a producer/solicitor only where you sign your commissions over to them and then they negotiate terms and conditions with you as to how much you will make for each application written.  We do not do that.  You hold the contract directly with the carrier and are paid the highest level of commission directly to you by the carrier.   We do not force agents to take a "haircut" on their commissions when they contract through us.  Each agent is independent and is not held captive by only contracting with one carrier.  Our agency makes it easy to contract with multiple carriers, and can get you appointed in whichever states you would like. 

          For more information about the commission schedule please call us, as they can change year to year based on what the government allows.  They also differ between products, plans, and carriers, but we can give you a good idea as to what your commissions would be.  Advantage Plans have lifetime commissions as long as the client renews their plan each year.  Seniors are an amazing group of people and you can help them in so many way when it is time for them to sign up for Medicare.  It is a fantastic career being able to help people while at the same time making a great living.

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