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Training and Guidance

          Kellogg Insurance Marketing holds 2 training's out of Salt Lake City, Utah each year.  They have also started to do these training's on the road around the country.  Ron Kellogg who owns Kellogg Insurance still travels and gives part of these training's.  In this training you will learn the opportunities that are available all year long to write business, and how to incorporate the ancillary products into your Medicare sales.  Ancillary products are small insurance policies that cover the gaps that Medicare does not cover.   Some of these are hospital indemnity, short term care, dental, and vision.  Using these products you can better help protect your clients from a huge out of pocket cost due to a gap in their plan.  Kellogg pays for your lodging and food during these training's, which is like no other National Marketing Alliance.  In addition they hold a training meeting every Monday morning from their office in Draper, Utah for those that feel they need additional guidance.  This meeting is done to where those not in the Salt Lake Valley can still watch it on their computers at their offices.  

          In addition to Kellogg Insurance 3 day training, we offer in the field training to help you understand how to write these products first hand if you feel that you need this help.  We invite you to come out with our managers in Utah to any of our appointments here, or to join one of our seasoned veterans on some of their appointments to ride along and learn how they are able to best help people in the area in which you will be working.

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