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Preferred Health Solutions

          In the Medicare business there are a lot of agencies.  We feel that with the help of our National Marketing Alliance (NMA), we help new agents become as successful as they desire.  When we bring you on to our team, we make sure to not only give you the tools to help you gain success, but we provide you with first class training to make sure that you are confident and can help those you need with the best knowledge and service as possible.  Our NMA is Kellogg Insurance Marketing in Draper, Utah.  They hold a huge 3 day training and pay for a hotel room and all your food during those 3 days.  Ron Kellogg began in the Medicare business over 50 years ago and still helps train new and existing agents at these training's.  The vast knowledge he and his associates have is remarkable and it is great to have them in our corner.  Below is a video from Kellogg Insurance Marketing detailing your opportunity as a Medicare agent.  I would invite you to watch it to understand what becoming a Medicare agent is all about.  As your direct upline manager Preferred Health Solutions would also be devoted to helping you with any one on one training as you need.  We do not want you to feel like you have been left in the dark as to how to help people with their Medicare.

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