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Why Join Our Medicare Team

          Seniors are the fastest growing population in the US and there are 10,000 new Medicare eligible seniors turning 65 every single day and that trend will continue for many years.  The peek of the baby boomer generation will turn 65 in 2022, and will sustain very close to that level for several years after that.  The opportunity is absolutely huge!  Those that already own a P&C business that are not offering Medicare to all their seniors are missing the boat on an opportunity to help their clients with another policy, and increase their residual income substantially.  With Medicare there is very little service needed each year with your clients.  During annual enrollment period (AEP) is when the bulk of servicing will be done.  AEP is between Oct 15th-Dec 7th each year and is the period in which seniors can make changes to their policies.  After Dec 7th they would need a special situation in order to change and it is not very often that those happen.  Seniors need guidance to know what plan will be best for them.  We like to educate the senior on everything that is available to them and let them choose their plan.  We also go over government programs that might be available to certain seniors and help them apply for them.

          If you have clicked on and read each of the tabs on our career page you will probably understand how we are different especially in the training, and lead programs available to help you get the success you desire.  Our 1st class training is both in a classroom listening and learning from Medicare experts, and also some 1 on 1 in the field time as needed.  We want you to be successful in your career.  We look for those that are self driven and enjoy setting their own hours whether you are looking for part or full time.  We want people to join our team that love helping people, and have the upmost respect for their clients by following all the ethical laws that are part of the Medicare sales process.  If you have an entrepreneur mind set and want to be fully in control of how much you make, then this is a fantastic opportunity for you.  Some agents are making 100k+ per year after as little as 3 years, and the quickest to a 6 figure residual income got there in 28 months!  Come see what it's all about.

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